Community Guidelines:

To ensure that this community remains safe and valuable for everyone, we will remove all content that goes against our guidelines and remove people who repeatedly post such content after they have been warned.

If you have questions or comments regarding moderator actions, contact Sendcash team members through private message.

Prohibited content include but are not limited to the following:

1. Private information: Please don't share anything about yourself or other members that you/they wouldn't want to be public knowledge. (Personal ID, passport information, Private contact information & addresses, Online login information (usernames and passwords), Photos of private people that they donโ€™t want posted online, Personal financial or medical history).

2. Nudity, profanity and sexual content.

3. Irrelevant content or content that does not improve the overall quality of information on the forum.

4. Political and religious content.

5. Product advertisements, self-promotion and spam.

6. Exploitative content, Ponzi schemes or multi-level marketing schemes.

7. Content endorsing violence and self-harm.

8. Hate speech, discrimination and harmful stereotypes.

9. Harassment and bullying.

10. Fake news and deliberate misinformation.

10. Content that violates intellectual property and copyright laws.

Beyond these, we expect that you use your good judgement when sharing content within the forum and only share content that you believe will help to improve the quality of the community.

If you come across this kind of content, kindly send an email to or send a private message to one of our team members.

Thanks for reading and for helping to keep this community a place we're all excited to be a part of!